About AssistWork

Virtual Professional Services

AssistWork delivers superior
virtual support designed to
simplify your life, tackle your to-do list, and
make the most out of every workday.

At AssistWork, we are passionate about administrative support and helping our clients scale their businesses and find the success they want. From customer service to calendar management, appointment setting to marketing support, data entry to email outreach, and everything in between, our virtual assistant professionals offers exceptional service, decades of experience, and unsurpassed skills that help businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

Since 2021, AssistWork has helped entrepreneurs, corporate executives, marketing professionals, small businesses, medical providers, real estate professionals, insurance agencies, non-profits, and more streamline their business by providing as-needed, on-call, and project-based support from premium virtual professionals.

With decades of combined experience under our belt, our virtual professionals are highly skilled and ready to serve in a wide variety of administrative tasks that our clients simply do not have the time or capacity to handle. Whether we're booking travel, scheduling meetings, or making follow-up phone calls - AssistWork helps businesses grow by taking care of tasks stalling their potential progress.

Inspired by their own experiences in the start-up world, AssistWork Founders Kurt Markwell and Katherine Markwell have first-hand experience in the frustrations and obstacles faced by start-ups and business owners. Driven by their desire to help create more bandwidth for their team to focus their efforts on money-making opportunities, the trio realized the tremendous need for high-quality, detail-oriented virtual professionals. AssistWork was designed to help other business leaders just like them get the support services they need to find the success they want.

Today, AssistWork is helping to change the way the world does business. AssistWork simultaneously helps our clients optimize their workflow and scale their business while providing life-changing opportunities for highly-qualified virtual professionals worldwide.


To provide outstanding administrative assistant services, virtual assistant support, and various business services designed to streamline, simplify, and support our clients in their efforts to accelerate growth and maximize profits.


To be recognized as the premier virtual assistant support service provider for businesses and industry leaders by 2027 while simultaneously changing the lives of virtual assistants and helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals on a global scale.

Our Goals

At AssistWork, we are passionate about what we do and the services we provide. Our goal is to provide virtual professional services that:

Streamline Your Work.

Our virtual professionals help you eliminate the additional need for permanent office space, long-term employment commitments, strict business hours, and additional wages by providing administrative services when you need them remotely.

Make Your Business Efficient and Lean.

Utilizing one of our virtual professionals allows you to run your business smarter, not harder. Say goodbye to wasting your time and efforts on repetitive tasks when you could be focusing your knowledge, energy, and expertise on critical projects and profitable partnerships. We help you with basic tasks, helping you decrease your overall workload, maximize cost efficiency, and allow you to concentrate on your business and growth.

Are Trustworthy and Dependable.

We are proud to offer a dedicated approach to all we do, steeped in a strong work ethic, years of experience, and around-the-clock, 24/7 operational availability.

AssistWork is the Best Virtual Professional Team Online.

With decades of experience providing top-tier administrative and executive assistance to companies of all sizes, our professionalism and detail-oriented skills allow businesses to accelerate, grow, scale, and thrive in this hyper-competitive global market.

Are you ready to make the most of your time and optimize your business?